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Rise of the Forgotten (Book 1)

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The Orc War Campaigns (Anthology)

-Print Edition

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Burning Skies (Book 2)

-Print Edition

-Kindle Edition

Secrets of the Cronal (Book 3)

-Coming Summer 2020!

Book 3 Title Reveal - Secrets of the Cronal!

As the release of the 3rd novel in the main series draws near, the title has finally been revealed!  Secrets of the CronalClick here to read the full announcement on my blog!

A New Adventure Begins

When the rogue Mage Kailar learns of the mysterious Sword of Dragons, she stops at nothing to recover it, in the hopes of using it to conquer and unite the Four Kingdoms under one banner.  Through vast white deserts, new realms beyond the known world, and the dark caves of the Ilari Mountains, her prize awaits, to the terror of all.

Only Dalin, a fledgling Wizard, and Cardin, an outcast Warrior, believe that she is a threat, and together they must convince the four kingdoms and the Wizards' Guild to unite against her.

The Sword of Dragons is a fantasy adventure series that'll ignite your imagination by taking old fantasy concepts and breathing new life into them!  The dragon beneath the mountain is not an evil monster hording gold, the orcs are not the minions of a dark lord, and the women of Halarite stand equal with men.

This is fantasy reborn!

Welcome to the Sword of Dragons