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Welcome to your source for all things Sword of Dragons!  After an unexpectedly long delay, The Orc War Campaigns has resumed!  And just as the first half of the series was, the 2nd half is available to read completely free!  Click here to read the newest episodes!

The war rages on, but the orc armies have suffered a grave defeat.  Fearing for the safety of his retreating troops, General Arkad launches a daring strike upon Archanon, capitol city of Tal.

Meanwhile, Amaya struggles to reign in her growing rage and frustration, as her former love and Commander, Uric Din, continues to manipulate her.

Young Zerek, on the other hand, finds that his life couldn't be going better!  He's beginning to find his place in Archanon, and is falling deeper in love with the thief, Laira, with each passing day.  However, nothing is at it seems, and Zerek's world will once again be shattered...

Burning Skies Now Available!

The exciting 2nd chapter of the Sword of Dragons saga continues!  Now available in paperback and Kindle eBook, click one of the links to the right to purchase your copy today!

A shattered world shall return to its people;

Darkness and fire will descend

The Orc War Campaigns

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