Coming November 16th, 2018, the Sword of Dragons saga gets a new look, with three books released in one day!

Rise of the Forgotten - The Sword of Dragons Book 1

When the rogue Mage Kailar learns of the mysterious Sword of Dragons, she'll stop at nothing to procure it and use it to bend the four kingdoms to her will.  Only an outcast Warrior and a fledgling Wizards stand in her way...

Burning Skies - The Sword of Dragons Book 2

Six months after the Battle for Archanon, Cardin Kataar is still adjusting to his role as Keeper of the Sword.  But when an army of undead threatens the four kingdoms, and a great cataclysm befalls Halarite, Cardin is thrust into the middle of it all.  Only by bringing the shattered armies of the Alliance together can he save his world, or watch it become the dominion of the Necromancers.

The Orc War Campaigns - A Sword of Dragons Anthology

Set between books 1 and 2, The Orc War Campaigns is a series of short stories that follows three ordinary people as they struggle to survive in a war-torn kingdom.  Amaya, a disgraced Warrior during the Prince's short reign, becomes one of the King's elite Guardians!  But has she bitten off more than she can chew?  Zerek, a young miner from Tal's southern region, is faced with a terrible tragedy and is forced to live in the great city of Archanon.  Can this small boy from nowhere learn to make it in the big city?  And Arkad, feared leader of the orc army, struggles to make a new home for his people.  But not everything is as it seems, and his new Shaman may not be the leader his people need.

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