Welcome to the The Orc War Campaigns, an epic series set in the Sword of Dragons universe!  Written as an episodic series, the series has completed with a total of 10 episodes.  Keep an eye out, because the series will soon be released as an anthology in print!

War has come to Edilas

The Battle for Archanon has been won, Klaralin's pendant has been rendered useless, and Kailar powerless.  Only one threat remains to the fragile new Alliance - the orc armies.  Led by the fearsome giant orc, Arkad, the orcs mount a renewed campaign against Tal and its new allies, intent on conquering those who have stepped upon and humiliated the orcs for millennia.

The only way for the allies to counter this renewed threat is to learn to work together, while the world comes to terms with the startling revelations of the Sword of Dragons.  This is the just the beginning...

The Orc War Campaigns