17 February 2024

Book 2 of the Sword of Dragons saga is now available in Audiobook format!  Click here for the Amazon page, or search for Jon Wasik in Audible or iTunes!

13 November 2023

After a long, long journey, the first Sword of Dragons novel, Rise of the Forgotten, is now available in audiobook format!  You can purchase and listen to it via Amazon, Audible, or iTunes, with more vendors coming soon!  Click here for the Amazon page!

This is only the beginning, the rest of the saga will soon get their own audibook!

03 December 2022

Book 4, Advent Darkness, is now available everywhere!  Click here to buy your copy today!

12 October 2022

Pre-orders for the printed edition of Advent Darkness are now available via Amazon!  Click here to pre-order your copy today!  (Pre-orders will become available on other book retail websites in the next couple of days, so if you prefer not to give your money to Amazon, keep an eye on Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, or Powell's!)

10 October 2022

The cover reveal for Advent Darkness has gone live, head on over to the book's page to see it!

The release date has been set - Saturday December 3rd, 2022!

Better still, you can pre-order your Kindle copy today!  (Print pre-orders coming soon.)

02 October 2022

Today I've revealed to the world the title for the next Sword of Dragons novel - Advent Darkness

Coming this December!

18 July 2020

Secrets of the Cronal - The Sword of Dragons Book 3 is now available!  Head on over to Amazon to order your copy today!

Also be sure to join us for a live stream launch event at 2PM Mountain Time today on either Facebook or Twitch!

21 June 2020

Book 3's release date has been confirmed - July 18th, 2020!  Head on over to book 3's page to see the shiny new cover, too, as well as a link to the pre-order page for the Kindle edition!

18 June 2020

The day is at hand, everyone - join us live on Sunday, June 21st as I reveal to the world the cover, the release date, AND pre-order information for the upcoming 3rd novel of the Sword of Dragons series, Secrets of the Cronal!

The reveal will be hosted by the podcast ShowX by VtW Productions.  Click here to go to their twitch page and watch!  I'll be taking questions from viewers as well, so if you wish to participate, be sure to register on Twitch ahead of time!

30 May 2020

The chapter titles for book 3 have been revealed!  Head on over to the new Secrets of the Cronal section of this website to see them!

10 May 2020

Hi everyone, the title for the Sword of Dragons Book 3 has been revealed!  Click here to read the announcement!  Or, if you noticed, the name has been added to the front page, as well as the "About the Novels" Page!

29 April 2020

A new mailing list has been established!  If you want the inside scoop before anyone else, click here or click on "Join Mailing List" in the menu at the top of the page!

Keep an eye out, because the third novel in the series is definitely coming out this summer!  Which means title reveals, release dates, and a cover reveal are just around the bend!

24 December 2019

Great news everyone, the first draft of the next major novel in the Sword of Dragons series is finished, and has already been through its first round of edits!!

Expect 2020 to be the year of book 3!  For more information, check out either my blog or my Facebook page!

30 June 2019

The website has received numerous updates, including all new character sketches by the talent Jacenta, a map of the Devor continent, and a new front page!

If you've been wondering where I've been since the release of the 2nd editions, I'm excited to announce that I've made great progress on the next novel in the series!

Want to keep up with all of updates on book 3?  Check out my Facebook page for the latest!

16 November 2018

The novels are available for Print and Kindle eBook!  Check out the front page or "About the Novels" to find out how to buy your copies today!

12 November 2018

All three books are available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle!  Check out the front page or "About the Novels" to pre-order your copy today!

Only four more days until release!

10 November 2018

It's finally coming, the 2nd editions of the Sword of Dragons books 1 and 2, and The Orc War Campaigns anthology in print!  Check out the front page (if you haven't already) for the announcement!  Also check out my blog on Sunday November 11th for the cover reveals of all three books!

Expect more updates to the website in the coming days as well!

24 December 2017

Happy Holidays everyone!  After a long wait, the first maps of Halarite are ready!  These maps will be included in the 2nd editions of books 1 and 2...

Wait, what?  2nd editions?  That's right, the first novels of the Sword of Dragons series are getting a major overhaul!  Click here to read the announcement on my blog!  Don't forget to check out the maps over here while you're at it!

31 May 2017

The Sword of Dragons.com has undergone a big update!  While there are no new sections, there are some new goodies hidden throughout the website!  Including a couple of new character sketches from Jacenta Irlanda of Centalynn Artworks, a new profile picture, and a new logo on the front page.

I've also, sadly, had to update the release schedule for the Sword of Dragons novels.  I am unable to have book 3 ready for release this year due to conflicts in life and my day job.  However, it is my intent to release the print edition of The Orc War Campaigns before the year is out, hopefully by Fall!

So take a look around and have fun!  And don't forget to check back soon, I have another goodie to show off soon!

23 December 2016

The series finale of the Orc War Campaigns anthology is now online!  Head on over to the episodes section to download!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported this endeavor.  Whether you're just getting started, or if you're a long time fan, you are amazing, and I'm grateful to you all!

09 December 2016

The first part of the final episode of The Orc War Campaigns, The Storm Part 1, is now online!  Head on over to the Episodes page to read it!

Just two more weeks before the action-packed series finale will be posted!  Are you ready for the storm?

26 November 2016

Hi everyone!  To those who celebrate it, I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

The next epsiode of The Orc War Campaigns, titled "The Lost Tribe" is now live!  Head over to the episodes page to check it out! I apologize for posting this a day late, I forgot to logon and post it yesterday!

This was originally the penultimate episode, but then I realized I had to split the final episode into two parts.  So enjoy this, as it leads directly into the final, epic two-part finale!!

11 November 2016

The next exciting episode of The Orc War Campaigns, "Revelations" has been posted!  Click here to use the menu above to go to the episode's page to read it!

28 October 2016

The Orc War Campaigns has returned!  Use the links above to navigate to the newest episode!

15 October 2016

The launch date for the 2nd half of The Orc War Campaigns has been announced!!  Check out the home page for details.

07 June 2016

Burning Skies is now available for purchase from the Barnes and Noble website, and the link on the front page has been updated.  At this time, it is not available on Nook or Kobo, and is exclusive only to the Kindle for eBook.

Would you like to see The Sword of Dragons and Burning Skies on other eBook channels?  Please contact me to let me know!!  I made The Sword of Dragons exclusive to Amazon when there was very little interest shown in the Nook version, but if this is changing, I will be happy to make it available via other venues :)

27 May 2016

Today is the day, Burning Skies officially has launched!  Check out the "About the Novels" section above to read more about this new, epic chapter in the exciting saga, and to find out where you can buy it!

16 May 2016

Great news!!  Burning Skies is now available for pre-order on the Amazon Kindle!  Click here to check it out!  11 more days until release!  :D

04 May 2016

First and foremost, happy May the 4th Be With You!  :)

I have two bits of awesome news!!  The first is the cover reveal for Burning Skies has happened!  Head on over to the Burning Skies page here on the site, or better yet, head on over to my blog by clicking here to see it and read all about it!

The other bit of good news?  I resumed writing The Orc War Campaigns last week.  I don't know when I'll be able to start posting episodes again, but I'm working feverishly to make it so for all of you!

20 March 2016

Episode 5 of The Orc War Campaigns, "The Siege of Valaras" is now online!  Click the link or use the menus above to navigate to the episodes page and check it out!

As I mentioned on the 17th, The Orc War Campaigns is now officially on a mid-season hiatus.  This is a necessary evil as I must concentrate on having Burning Skies ready for it's late May release.  Not to mention I have been unable to keep up with the writing schedule the series demands, so I wish to create a buffer of at least two episodes before I resume posting.

But worry not, the series will return!  So keep an eye out here for both news of The Orc War Campaigns and Burning Skies!!  :)

17 March 2016

Hey all, as you have no doubt seen, the next episode is not yet online.  Due to multiple extenuating circumstances, the episode is still in production.  However, I am pleased to announce that writing has been completed, and all that is left are the rounds of editing/proofreading.  I hope to have episode 5 ready to post by the end of the weekend :)

I also unfortunately must announce that following the posting of episode 5, The Orc War Campaigns will be placed on a mid-season hiatus.  I have fallen very far behind on final preparations for Burning Skies, and I need to focus on it to ensure it is ready for its late May release.  Once that is ready, and I have a buffer of at least a couple episode, The Orc War Campaigns will return!

03 March 2016

Hey everyone, episode 4 of The Orc War Campaigns, "Into the Forge" is now available for your reading pleasure!!

I know I am two days late on this, I do apologize, but I'm afraid I had to take a sick day...or rather several of them :(  But I'm finally on the mend!  I hope you enjoy the latest episode, is is the first in a two-part story arc!

16 February 2016

Episode 3 of The Orc War Campaigns, "Assault at Ironwood" is now online!  I apologize for the tardiness of this episode, I completely forgot to get it uploaded last night and didn't realize until I was at work today that today was the day...

I hope you enjoy, this completes the initial three-part story of the series!  I can't wait for you all to see what comes next :D

02 February 2016

Episode 2 of The Orc War Campaigns, "Counterstrike" is now available!  Click here or use the menu above to navigate to it and check it out!

21 January 2016

By request of a fan, I have added a few extra details to the "About the Novels" page letting readers know the release schedule for every book in the series.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are six books planned, to be released once a year until 2020!  :)

Want to request an addition or change to the website?  I love hearing from fans!  Use the "Contact" page to send me an email :)

20 January 2016

Great news!  I'm going to be interviewed live on VtW Production's Show X this coming weekend!!!! Make sure to check us out this Sunday 24 January at 2PM EST/7PM GMT (Noon for my fellow Mountain Time Zone peeps smile emoticon )

You'll be able to listen live by going to http://www.vtwproductions.com/ or watch it live by going to their youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/versustheworldvideo

19 January 2016

The Orc War Campaigns is now live!  Use the menu above or click here to check it out!

27 December 2015

Want to catch a first-glimpse of the new Orc War Campaigns series?  Head on over to my blog to read an excerpt from the first episode, and to see the titles of the first three stories!


20 December 2015

The first three stories of the new Sword of Dragons web series, The Orc War Campaigns, have been written, edited, and will soon be ready for FREE publication!  Yes, that's right, you'll be able to download them for free!

Stay tuned for more news, including a release date!

09 September 2015

With bad news comes the good: the release of Burning Skies, book 2 of The Sword of Dragons saga, has officially been delayed.  Current plan is for Spring 2016, one year after the release of the first novel.

The good news: this leaves me room to develop and write a series of short stories that takes place between books 1 and 2!!!  :D

If you're interested in learning more, check out my latest blog article!  Click here to see it :)

30 August 2015

I've published the first interview with a character from The Sword of Dragons on my blog!  Want to find out what's been going on since the end of The Sword of Dragons, and get a hint of what's coming in Burning Skies?  Click here to read the interview!

16 June 2015

The website for The Sword of Dragons has officially launched!!  Welcome to your one-stop shop for information and news on the series, the world, and its characters!

Please feel free to use the Contact page to let me know what you think and any suggestions you might have!

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