The four kingdoms of Edilas stand united for the first time in centuries!  Six months have passed since the Sword of Dragons was uncovered, and the Allied armies stand together against the remaining orc army.  As winter sets in, the Orc War Campaigns come to an end.

When all contact with the colony on the eastern continent is cut off, Cardin and his companions are dispatched to investigate.  What they discover is an army of undead, and a prophecy that foretells of a great cataclysm.

As the skies burn, and the dead rise to claim the world as their own, Cardin must find a way to save Halarite, or watch its ashes become the new dominion of the Necromancers.

"A Shattered world shall return to its people;

Darkness and fire will descend."

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Release Date: May 27th 2016

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Burning Skies (book 2)