For over ten millennia, Halarite has existed separate from any other world.  In that time, the four kingdoms have slowly but steadily grown to occupy the central continent, Edilas.  Only in the past century have they begun to venture far beyond their own shores to discover four new continents.

The four kingdoms are:

  • Tal - Known as the First Kingdom, Tal is older than written history itself.  According to The Order of the Ages, the religion central to all of Halarite, Tal was founded by Archos, who built the great hall that still stands today as the center of Archanon Castle.  It is the largest of the four Kingdoms, but finds itself constantly fighting for its borders against Falind and Saran Kingdoms.
  • Falind - occupying the western quarter of Edilas, Falind boasts a vast forest, open plains, hills, and one major port city in the west.  The capitol city, also named Falind, stands on the edge of Daruun forest, close to the border of Tal kingdom.  It is the most frequent enemy of Tal during the Lesser Wars, but often stands with Saran as an ally.
  • Saran - Occupying the southern portion of Edilas, Saran is a warm, arid land with vast plains south of Daruun Forest and mesas that stretch as far as the eye can see.  The capitol, Sharenth Port, is nestled up against one such mesa on the southern coastline, providing it a natural protection from land assaults.
  • Erien - Far to the east, with the vast Desert of Ca'aluun and the Wastelands seperating it from all other kingdoms, is the mysterious land of Edilas.  While often a trading partner and war-time ally of Tal, Erien often is content to mind its own business.  Most of Erien exists on the eastern coastal line which, due to warm sea currents, is warm year-round.

Three other continents exist on Halarite:

  • Devor - The first of the new continents to be discovered over fifty years ago, Devor was named after the captain of the ship that discovered it.  Southwest of Edilas, Devor boasts landscapes both familiar and strange to those who have lived in the four kingdoms all of their lives.  The most striking features include the Barrier Mountains, the Crystalline Mountains, and the Crystalline Forest.
  • Asirin - Southeast of Edilas, it was discovered only a few years after Devor.  A much more tame land, as far as landscape goes, it is host to two port cities, ample farm land, and a small desert with multiple oases in the north-eastern tip.
  • Trinil - Named after the fifth god in the pantheon of the Order of the Ages, little is known about Trinil.  It was only very recently discovered, and so far all shorelines explored are covered in an oppressive jungle.  One small colony has been formed in a small coastal clearing, named Port Hope.

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