The Orc War Campaigns was an exciting new chapter of the Sword of Dragons saga that chronicled the war against the orcs following their defeat at the Battle for Archanon!

Written as a series of short stories that was released episodically, the series introduced three new primary characters to the Sword of Dragons universe, while continuing the tale of Cardin Kataar, the new Keeper of the Sword.

These stories were released FREE OF CHARGE right here, on!  For those who wish to support the continuation of the Sword of Dragons saga, the stories will be released in an anthology, and will be available for purchase just like any other novel as a print edition or an eBook.

Exploring themes of lost innocence, love in all the wrong places, grief and loss, and the effects of war across a civilization, The Orc War Campaigns delves deeper into the civilizations, characters, and familiar and new locations of The Sword of Dragons.

About the Orc War Campaigns