Amaya Kenla - Amaya was once a Lieutenant in the Tal Warriors' Guild...until she and her team violated orders under the new laws of Prince Beredis.  They were arrested for treason and to be executed, until the King's life was saved by the Wizards.  Now Amaya and her team have received full pardons and must pick up the pieces of their lives.

Born and raised in the small town of Everlin near the Saran border, Amaya is a Mage, and has lived all of her life knowing she would become a Warrior.  It quickly became all that mattered to her: service to her kingdom and helping protect the people.  Where her life takes her, however, is far from what she could have ever imagined.

Zerek Betanil - Born and raised in a mining camp, 15 year old Zerek knows no other life.  He has lived surrounded by rock and iron and gold.  But at night, he dreams of a different life.  He wants nothing more than to become a Warrior, but only the elite joins the Warriors' Guild.  With no powers and no apparent predisposition towards sword fighting, he was never even considered a candidate.

When the orcs invade, tragedy strikes young Zerek's life, and everything he knows is torn away.  His only choice becomes to serve in the Archanon castle, where he becomes a courier.  It is on the streets of the First City, however, that he will find his greatest adventure.

General Arkad - A giant of an orc, Arkad is surrounded in mystery, even amongst his people.  Wearing the darkened-steel armor and wielding an enchanted, giant double-sided battle axe, the only thing about Arkad's intentions that is clear is that he desires a better life for his people, and he will attain it at any cost.

On the battlefield, he earns a reputation for being ruthless and brutal.  Even the Keeper of the Sword falters in his first battle with him.  To the orcs, he is fearless and cunning, and one to be feared.

But as the war rages on, he will find that his path becomes murkier, and his future entirely uncertain.

Characters of the Orc War